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Deck Building with Curves

Traditionally, decks are built in squares and rectangles for simplicity and cost savings. More elaborate deck designs will introduce angles or bayed areas to add some visual interest and usability.

Wood can be a tough material to work with when it comes to curves and because most decks are wood, builders have generally avoided curved wood decks and gone with the angled look. It makes sense.

Now that manmade composite and PVC materials have become so prevalent in the industry, it has become easier to introduce curves or a radius into deck designs. These materials are easier to bend and curve than wood. That's not to say it's easy-because it's not for the faint of heart, but it's not as tough as wood.

The geometry of incorporating curves and radii into a deck project can be complicated. A fair amount of serious math is involved to make everything work our properly. Transferring the concept of the radius on paper to a completed deck is not the simplest thing a deck builder can do so many builders just don't offer curves as an option.

Peachtree Decks and Porches has done hundreds of curved decks over the years so they have become not too big of a deal for us to build into our projects and don't increase the cost all that much. Curves add a practical design flair that turn an average deck into a "wow" deck.

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How Our Consultations Work

Where some contractors offer “Free Estimates”, the time and expertise we invest in creating projects of the caliber you have viewed on this website requires that we charge $75.00 for our initial consultation. Of course, the consultation fee is credited to the final investment of your project upon entering into a agreement with us. For over a decade, we have created stunning projects that endure by utilizing premium, low maintenance building materials. Although price ranges vary among project types, replacing a deck or adding a porch room requires a significant investment. We hope that after reviewing our galleries and videos and reading our philosophy and approach you’ll feel it’s worth investing $75.00 to see what we can design for you. Here’s how our full design workflow works:
  1. INITIAL SITE VISIT: We’ll visit your home to discuss your project goals and take the required measurements for our internal design work.
  2. FEASIBILITY STUDY: We will consider zoning issues, building code requirements, and other technical aspects that may affect your project.
  3. DESIGN PHASE: We will develop a few different design options for your project based on our initial site visit.
  4. BUDGET PREP: We will contact you on the phone to discuss the budget prior to sending you a detailed text-based scope of work for each design concept.
  5. SELECTIONS: Having received accurate budgets for several design concepts and being comfortable with the investment required, you will meet with us at our office and showroom to see those design concepts, make changes and tweaks to your liking and check out a variety of deck and railing options at our showroom.
  6. AGREEMENT: With an exact design and scope of work defined, we will create an agreement, put your project into our schedule and begin the permitting process for you.