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The Benefits of a Composite Deck Over a Wood Deck

Chances are you already have some first hand experience with a wood deck. You have seen the boards split, crack and splinter from the Atlanta sun and weather exposure. You've seen the boards and nails start pulling up and you may have even stubbed your toe on one! You've probably spent more than one long, hot weekend out there sanding and sealing your wood deck trying to get it back to some sort of presentable shape so that it keeps up with the rest of your well-kept home.

The primary advantage of using wood decking, deck flooring and railings boils down to one thing-cost. Pressure treated southern yellow pine is cheap and it gets the job done. Beyond that, it is difficult to come up with any other reasons to use it when you consider how quickly pressure treated decking begins to doing all the things nature designed it to do- split, crack and rot. This is especially the case in Atlanta where the sun is intense. It's not a question of if, it's when and all the sanding, sealing and staining a wood deck owner can look forward to are all just steps to delay the inevitable.

Composite decking and deck flooring like Trex Transcends is now in its third and fourth generations. Initial composite deck products had problems. Lots of problems. Manufacturers were all racing to get products into the marketplace and were figuring things out as they went. Most first generation composite decks built in the early 2000's have either failed or been replaced. Many people give composite decking a bad wrap and rightly so because those early products deserved it. The internet is full of people complaining about first generation composite deck boards when you research it. Those complaints never go away but what you may not know is that the latest generations of composite decking and deck flooring are produced by major manufacturers like Trex, TimberTech, and Fiberon have addressed all of the shortcomings of past generations and perform exceptionally well.

As an accomplished deck builder in Atlanta, Peachtree Decks and Porches primarily installs capped composite decking and deck flooring like Trex Transcends. These boards come with 25-year no fade/no stain warranties which is really a testament to their true performance. The value these products add to your home is measurable. Compared to wood decking (which typically has no warranty), the advantages of composite decking jump out which is why we have stopped installing wood decking.

Peachtree Deck and Porches was one of the first deck builders in Atlanta to embrace composite decking and has built hundreds of decks, porches and patios that you can see in our galleries. These projects still look as good as they day we left them and our clients are glad to have made the decision to use composite over wood decking.