A. Not usually. Most builder-grade decks in our area were not built that great to begin with. Factor in wear and tear, wood deterioration and code changes that have come into effect over the years and there is simply not much worth saving. Since we specialize in installing modern composite and low maintenance railing systems, you would be throwing good after bad installing those premium materials on an older builder grade deck. It’s simply not worth it.
A. Let’s start with the answer from the question above as some background. In addition to this, roof loads are different than deck loads. Your builder grade deck was not designed to support a roof. Many times, the existing deck isn’t even in the right spot to accommodate an architecturally correct roof tie-in to your house. Never say never, but in our experience, it is extremely rare that an existing deck is a candidate to be screened in or enclosed.
A. No. We only install premium composite decking like Trex and use a variety of low maintenance railing systems. Building pressure treated decks is not in our offerings.
A. It depends on the size and scope of the project. Our projects are rarely shorter than 2-3 weeks and usually not much longer than 6-7 weeks. Quality can’t be rushed. We take our time to do it right.
A. Absolutely! Most of our clients come to us with a general idea of what they have in mind. It’s a great starting point. Our entire process was designed to get you from thinking about a new outdoor living area to sitting in it! Let us use our know how and creativity to come up with something perfect for you. This is what we do and we love it.
A. Outdoor kitchens are popular and for good reason. Besides just being cool to have they are great for entertaining outdoors because people tend to congregate around the food and the kitchen, right? As far as cost goes, it all depends. Just like a kitchen inside your house, one person might spend $10,000 while another could spend $100,000 on a kitchen in the same space. A good rule of thumb for outdoor kitchen pricing is anywhere from about $600 - $1,500 a linear foot. Meaning if you had a 10’ long kitchen island, it could be anywhere from about $6,000 to $15,000 depending on how it’s built, exterior finishes, the appliances and fixtures you include, the type of countertops you choose, electrical, plumbing, etc…
A. Definitely! Upon entering an agreement with us, you will receive and HOA package from us that you can submit to your HOA board for approval. To date, we have never had an HOA reject or modify one of our projects. It is usually a quick, straightforward process for our projects to get approved.
A. Generally speaking…we don’t have issues getting building permits in most of the places we frequently work in. We do all the work so it’s not something you will have to worry about. All building departments have their quirks and special requirements, but we’ve been doing it long enough that we know what to expect and it’s usually not too bad. There are a few towns that are notoriously difficult to deal with that make getting a building permit a drawn out process of red tape, but again, we know this going in and deal with it as best we can to get your permit as quickly as possible.
A. Yes. We are licensed contractors in the State of GA and carry full insurance to protect you and your property. Many contractors are not licensed (because it’s hard to obtain) and underinsured (because it’s expensive to carry the proper insurances). We don’t shortcuts when we build or in running our business.

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How Did You Find Us?*


Thanks Peachtree and the crew for such a great job. You took down our 20 year old deck and gave us a beautiful new one. Our kids and dogs love it. I truly feel it has raised the value of our home, which is so important in these hard-economic times. We really got great value for our money. I would recommend Peachtree Decks and Porches to anyone looking for an affordable, high-quality deck that will last decades!
Peachtree Decks and Porches are skilled craftsmen who know the decking business inside and out. Once the carpentry work was done, they sent out an excellent painting crew to finish the job. Our deck looks like an extension of our home. We will recommend Peachtree Decks and Porches to all of our friends and neighbors. We just need to find another project for them to work on!
We were impressed by the time spent with us to explain all of the options for our deck. It was quickly obvious that they are experienced deck builders and was very knowledgeable about materials best suited for the purpose. We enjoyed the association with Peachtree and the price was right. Workmanship was excellent. Result was amazing and we are so pleased. We would recommend this company to anyone. Proud to give our name.
Peachtree just finished a 1200 sq.ft. deck of Ipe with a substantial structure and some elevations of up to 15' above ground. The deck is certainly the best quality of construction that I have ever witnessed, and being an engineer I have seen a few. His flexibility and eagerness to work with my design input was a huge plus. If I ever contemplate any more work around here that Peachtree can do – they will be the only ones that I call.
Peachtree Decks and Porches can be counted on for honesty and trust. They were excellent to deal with while we changed scope a number of times before arriving at the solution. The quality is outstanding. The project was completed in a quick and efficient manner. Job site was kept clean and organized through the process. The finished product is beautiful. Definitely brought value to the property.
The Peachtree Decks and Porches team is amazing. The entire process was above and beyond my expectations. I have done a lot of remodeling work both by myself and using contractors and Peachtree Decks has them all beat. The finished product looks amazing, but I was the most impressed with the quality and workmanship of the project. Cannot recommend Peachtree Decks highly enough.
They were very clear and helpful in the planning of the project and their personnel did a superb, efficient, friendly job. They honored our contract and never balked about assuring top quality. We are totally satisfied and just wish other work persons we used for other projects had the same commitment to good quality and customer service. He and his work people were a delight to work with.
We interviewed many deck builders before selecting Peachtree Decks and Porches. They took our original plan and designed a deck that exceeded our expectations. We are delighted with the results! Mike and the team were professional, exacting, and wonderful to work with. From start to finish this project was a pleasure and we expect to have Peachtree back to complete a screen porch next year.

Thank you for contacting us. We’ll be in touch soon.

How Our Consultations Work

Where some contractors offer “Free Estimates”, the time and expertise we invest in creating projects of the caliber you have viewed on this website requires that we charge $199.00 for our initial consultation. Of course, the consultation fee is credited to the final investment of your project upon entering into a agreement with us. For over a decade, we have created stunning projects that endure by utilizing premium, low maintenance building materials. Although price ranges vary among project types, replacing a deck or adding a porch room requires a significant investment. We hope that after reviewing our galleries and videos and reading our philosophy and approach you’ll feel it’s worth investing $199.00 to see what we can design for you. Here’s how our full design workflow works:
  1. INITIAL SITE VISIT: We’ll visit your home to discuss your project goals and take the required measurements for our internal design work.
  2. FEASIBILITY STUDY: We will consider zoning issues, building code requirements, and other technical aspects that may affect your project.
  3. DESIGN PHASE: We will develop an initial design option for your project based on our initial site visit.
  4. BUDGET PREP: We will email you a Preliminary Proposal that includes a starting design option along with a detailed scope of work with buildable budget.
  5. SELECTIONS: Having received Preliminary Proposal and initial budget and being comfortable with the investment required, you will meet with us at our office and showroom to refine or modify that design concept, make changes and tweaks to your liking and check out a variety of deck and railing options at our showroom.
  6. AGREEMENT: With an exact design and scope of work defined, we will create an agreement, put your project into our schedule and begin the permitting process for you.